Welcome to Essen Candle‘s world of relaxation.

Light any of our Essen Candles and create an exquisite ambiance with its soft light and refreshing fragrance. 
                 In no time, you will enjoy the beautiful calming aura the candle creates.

How is Essen Candle special?

Essen Candles are made with FDA-approved and Kosher-certified soy wax. All of our candles are hand-poured into small batches at a time to ensure purity and consistency with every batch. Each of our candles are scented with high quality phthalate-free fragrances and pure essential oils.

  • Lead free cotton fiber wickes

  • Toxin free

  • Made from American-grown soy

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Large Cube Jar

Large Cube Jar   $19

Elegant rounded corners cube jar.  This jar has a crystal clear label so the beautiful candle light will beam through all 4 sides.  The jar is 1/4” thick on all 4 walls and 3/8” thick on the bottom to protect the bottom surface.

*12 Net Fluid Ounce *Double Wick for even burn
Jar Size: *Width: 3 3/8“ Height: 3 3/8”

Tin Can

Tin Can  $14

Our tin containers are matte finished with 3 embossed feet on the bottom, raising the containers for airflow and protecting the surface. The containers are perfect fashion statements around your house and great to take with you when traveling.

*8 Net Fluid Ounce
Tin Size: *Diameter: 3 “ Height: 2”


We offer special discounts when you order 20 or more.
Customized labeling for special party favors are available.

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